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Many South African teenagers dream of following in the footsteps of the stars… Kimberly Rose (Kim-Batya Asher) was no different, and firmly believed that she had what it takes to be a superstar. She excelled in activities such as dancing, ballet, singing and drama eisteddfods, with an insatiable passion for music and performing.

Kimberly Rose

Upon being diagnosed with a rare form of Osteosarcoma, a form of cancer in the bone, at the end of 2010, Kim’s brother Justin called up his school friend – Sasha Righini of THE PLASTICS, and asked him to allow Kim to enter their studio and record a pop song. After entering the studio with South African rock band, THE PLASTICS, Kim immediately had her heart set on recording her very own single. Pascal Righini, The Plastics lead singer, agreed and soon began writing a song for Kim. A few months later Kim entered the studio with The Plastics to begin recording her first single.

Kim, albeit battling to walk at the time of recording, displayed unbelievable strength and worked incredibly hard to track her vocals, fuelled by her passion and dream of becoming a star. A day before departing for her treatment in South Korea, Kim was asked to return to the studio to lay down the final vocals for the track. Standing proudly at the microphone, reaching every high note, Kim performed her heart out, which must have been a very special moment in her life.

Kim sadly passed away two weeks after her final recording session, but this brave young lady has left behind a pillar of hope - Kim’s Song by Kimberly Rose ft.The Plastics - officially launched on 8 November 2013 by the Kimberly Rose Cancer Foundation (formed unofficially in November 2011), exactly two years since her passing.

“Kim’s Song” is in all essence is a pop song on the topic of love and relationships, however, Pascal Righini has delivered cleverly written lyrics, which has been very well executed instrumentally by The Plastics and all involved. It’s consistent, well structured and will leave you humming lyrics long after your first listen. Special praise must go to Kimberly Rose - well deserved for someone facing far more in her life at the time of recording, than her first time in studio.

Kimberly Rose

The music video is beautifully shot and does the track due justice. The Plastics have certainly done Kim proud, and this inspiring young lady deserves sincere recognition for this, above and beyond a very brave fight against cancer. In my opinion, “Kim’s Song” is a track to download and celebrate love and the love of life to.

We at Underground Press would like to offer our sincere condolences to Kim’s family and all those who’s lives she touched. “Kim’s Song” will no doubt continue to touch the lives of those who hear it.

Watch the video for Kim’s Song by Kimberly Rose ft. The Plastics below!

Watch a video of Kim in studio with The Plastics here!

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