"Love you Kim" To Be Launched Posted on 4 Aug 17:30

All she ever wanted was to be known as a singer, a dancer, a ballerina or an actress. Those who came across her knew what she was like – mostly bubbly, outgoing and extremely opinionated – even if she was just 14.
Shortly before her 14th birthday, her world shattered. A diagnosis of Osteosarcoma – a rare form of cancer in girl’s her age – sent Kim Asher and her family into a ferocious downward spiral and what was to come thereafter would see a year of pain, suffering and emotional heartbreak for her family and friends.
A month after Kim’s passing, her brother, Justin, started a cancer-related charity in her name with the sole purpose of reaching out to others in a similar state.
“When Kim passed away I felt an obligation to tell her story to anyone I came into contact with,” Justin explains. “I wanted to offer a sense of comfort to those who were going through a similar situation, and I wanted to offer a basis of understanding to others who had a loved one going through what our family had been dealing with.
“It’s not easy if it’s your sister, it’s not easy if it’s you… but what if it’s a friend? How do you react, what can you say and how should you behave?”
Justin goes on to explain the long-term objectives of his Foundation: “I decided to start The Kimberly Rose Cancer Foundation to consider different ways we could help with cancer-care in South Africa. Whether it would be engaging in discussions about overseas treatment options, improving our own treatment facilities or lobbying for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes; I just knew I wanted to make a difference.
“I spent a lot of time researching a Trust in the United Kingdom who had very similar values to us and I met with them in August 2014. We’ve now forged a strategic partnership, which will allow us to build on our long-term objective to introduce a safe, secure and friendly built-environment to teenage cancer patients in hospitals around the country based on a similar model to their highly successful one.
“In what way and when we reach our goals is totally up to the community in South Africa and how they support us.”
Apart from the Foundation, Kim’s suffering inspired her eldest brother to document her journey which features an honest account of all the emotions one has to deal with when being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age.
"Love You Kim”, a self-published book which Justin has been writing since October 2011, is an inspiring story of hope, determination and loyalty which explores the family dynamics from the moment Kim was diagnosed right up until a few years after her passing in November 2011.

In its first edition, the book offers an emotional look into Kim’s initial diagnosis, dealing with it, her trip to South Korea for treatment, her passing and the years that have followed since.  It breaks the boundaries between “what could-be” and “what will-be” and leaves one with plenty to think about just a few pages in.
The book follows the successful launch of “Kim’s Song” – a song she recorded with one of the countries top local bands, The Plastics, just a few weeks before passing away. Launched and play-listed on KFM 94.5, amongst many other stations across the country, the song and now the book play a large part in the Foundation’s fundraising arm.
The launch of “Love You Kim” is a part of the Foundation’s “TELL-A-STORY” campaign – to read more about the campaign visit http://www.kimberlyrose.org.